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Policy and exemption data is updated in the system Monday - Friday evenings. Employer names reported to the Division can vary slightly from those specifically typed on a policy. Older data may reflect multiple employer names under the same FEIN; therefore, it is recommended that employer information be reviewed carefully prior to selecting that employer to be tracked. Notification of changes to an employer's policy information or exemption status will be sent via e-mail on the next business day after receipt of the change, for any employer that a requestor has on their tracking list. Florida Statutes allow insurance companies 21 days after the effective date of a policy or change, to report that policy or change to the Division, so there may be a delay in finding an employer's policy in the database.

If you have questions concerning policy information on the website, you may contact the Customer Service Unit at (850) 413-1609. 

If you have questions or suggestions regarding the Construction Policy Tracking Database, please e-mail: ContractorTracking@myfloridacfo.com

If you have questions regarding Exemptions, please e-mail: wc_exemption@myfloridacfo.com